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Q. Can you send me a price list of all of your services?
A. As much as I would love having one stagnant price sheet, it's impossible! Every aspect of my job is completely customized to your business goals, within your timelines and budget.

Q. How much do professionally designed websites cost?
A. You will get what you pay for! Depending on your needs, my website development can range from $2,000 to upwards of $20,000 for a well designed site with good copy and marketing direction.

Q. I saw a custom website online offered for $899!
A. Ancient Chinese proverb says, "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." Now I'm all for the family website to post your 8th grader's football game photos, I have one myself. But a worthwhile, sales oriented website cannot be built for close to that price.

Q. Can you design something so I can see if I like it?
A. No. Unlike some other businesses, we provide ideas and experience, and if we put our time into a project just to see if you like it, we can't turn around and sell it to someone else if you decide not to move forward with it. You wouldn't ask your accountant to do your taxes to see if you like how they turn out, and our industry is no different.

Q. How much do I pay to get started?
A. I generally ask for 40% at the start of our project, with 30% after you have approved the design and the remaining 30% at completion. Updates and maintenance work is billed monthly.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Please feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss this.

Q. Do you optimize for search engines?
A. Yes we do! This is probably the most important advertising and marketing mechanism in the world right now. Over 70% of all consumers search the web for products and services. Even TV can’t touch this during the Super Bowl!

Q. Do you guarantee a top spot in the search engine rankings?
A. Yes. Please keep in mind, this is a tricky question. Anyone in SEO can guarantee this. I can take the phrase "I don't want to sit in a short, red pail" and optimize a page within your website for it. I will guarantee you top results if that phrase is searched! But, does it do your business any good? Probably not. With the number of websites out there today, a non-paid top 30 ranking is hard to achieve. I will however, guarantee you move up in the rankings for many of the keywords and phrases we optimize your site for and some will have top 30 positions. If not, I will keep working with the pages to get us there!

Q. How do we decide upon a home page theme or style?
A. First we research your provided information, look at your competitors and discuss ideas to promote a marketing direction. Sometimes ideas are kicked back and forth through e-mail until we all decide on one that really excites us. With a feel for what our goals are, I will design a design theme for your approval.

Q. How often should my site be updated?
A. THIS is a good question! At least once a month, once a week, all the better. The search engines love fresh information and more importantly so do your prospects!

Q. Do you provide Hosting?
A. Yes! Read more abut hosting solutions.

Q. Do you build e-commerce sites?
A. Yes! I can set you up with a merchant account for approximately $20/month. Shopping carts and store fronts can be decided from there.

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