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The WWW has transformed print media, it's now only the lead-in!

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Print Media: New roles for print save money and resources!

Today's consumers will pick up your business card, with your website address printed on it, instead of your brochure. Your website is your virtual storefront. Your public expects to visit that storefront at a later time AND they expect to be able to purchase online.

With the popularity of web and electronic media, presentation materials no longer serve as the primary method for learning about a company’s services. Your print media will simply stimulate your prospects to do one of two things: call your company or visit your website! Now, how your website affects your visitor will be the key to your sale!

How many brochures are on your desk? Probably not many, if any at all. But, LOOK inside your "FAVORITES" folder!

I can deliver any print request you may have, as well as fulfill the actual printing services to assure a quality job, but I focus on the media that will attract attention to your website. All print media will contain your website address, from letterhead to faxes and the Yellow Pages to tv ads.

Yes, I want to coordinate my print material with my website!Yes, Robyn, I'd like to discuss my print material!

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The secret of all
originality in
advertising is not the
creation of new and tricky
words and pictures, but
one of putting familiar
words and pictures into
new relationships.
~Leo Burnett



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